Sunday, July 23, 2017

Whew, That Poem Was Surprisingly Brutal

But sometimes it happens that way ... it's the Zen of it, man-n-n-n-n.  (Ithaka:  "We Know the Ones" #Poetry #Venezuela)

Even so, the poem surprised me but that's not modulated by the physical circumstance which sucks just as hard and isn't improving ... but ... there will be a chest CT in less than a week.  I need to know about WTF more than I need pain pills ... which I also need.

Ed:  stop hitting the aspirin and use Tylenol instead!

Oh sure ... then it kills my liver instead of giving me an ulcer.  That's a great plan and thanks to our friends at Pharma for that.

Ed:  is there an ulcer?

Nope and likely because I'm extremely careful I don't exceed the maximum dose per day.

There are three outcomes for WTF since I'm completely fucked, somewhat fucked, or it's a temporary fucking annoyance.  Temporary is improbable; somewhat fucked is disagreeable but acceptable; completely fucked means there's nothing left except to pick the songs for the party.

Ed:  when you croak is probably the only time some people will ever listen to your music!

True and you've got to larf, mate; you've got to larf.

Ed:  are you?

Yep ... it's funny to me.

Zen Yogi:  music is always forever while you're listening to it

You're so inexplicable, Zen Yogi.  Have another spliff.

So I can go with slashing for a bit since there's that nasty li'l bucket of second-rate shit in Stephen Colbert who feigns some kind of political activism but it's always the safest type he can possibly find because he's mass media and just another Obamazoid who talks shit but it's only a diversion.

Colbert isn't even American since his name sounds like some French cheese you got when you really wanted cheddar.  He's just another from the Alec Baldwin School of Comedy.

Ed:  there is no Alec Baldwin School of Comedy

And there never will be, mate.  You might be starting to discern the point.

Note:  cheddar cheese originated in Somerset, England, where it was produced by the farmers, Earth's most vital people.  It's not some bloody London Tory cheese and we know that because it delivers on what it promises.

There's also Jimmy Winkle Dinkle or some damn thing on another channel plus miscellaneous others and all show the hallmark of clever writing with no content.  They just throw Trump is an Idiot crap about in the same way as Jerry Lewis embarrassed us with his appalling pratfalls.

Ed:  the French thought he was a comedy genius!

Everyone laughs when an American falls on his face but that's fading due to Brit tourists in Majorca since there's one thing everyone in the world now has in common:  no-one wants Brits to visit.

George Carlin had the balls for it but those pissants are just an offense against nature.

Note:  pissants represent a formal classification in Texas insofar as they're smaller than fire ants and don't bite; they only exist to be house invaders to piss you off.  They're naturals for Congress.

Stephen King said earlier Donald Trump reminds him of Charlie Sheen.  What else could I say except, "I'm sorry."

He had such an imagination at one time.

I didn't read "Misery" but I saw the movie adaptation with Kathy Bates making life hell for James Caan and there's one scene in which she whacks his knees with a sledgehammer or some such and a big block of wood.  That's the kind of terror which removes control of bodily functions and thanks for that, Stephen King, even though I will never watch that movie again but I appreciate the vibe from it with holy fuck, I do not even believe she's going to do that.

The only one more evil for me was The Exorcist and maybe it was when Richard Burton played.  I believe this shit while I'm watching it and the movie is any good at telling the story.  King created such an evil persona and it must have been a gas for Kathy Bates to play the role in "Misery."

"Oh, you mean I get to be absolutely demonically evil in this one?"  That had to be a twist.

I'm growing surprisingly sympathetic to Donald Trump.  He does some unbelievably stupid things as we've seen with the ill-advised and ill-considered medical plan but he also takes a whole lot of undeserved fire.

You know the CIA drives the Russian interference scam so there's no particular need to flog it and the curiosity is just who the hell is on their payroll since that list seems almost ubiquitous among those with even a tiny measure of public influence.  Barbara Walters was the plastic Dowager Queen of Liberalism ... while she dated Henry Kissinger, CIA engineer behind the Allende assassination.

It's the flogging about this Russian interferences which elicits the sympathetic view, at least in that context, since the CIA was long ago identified as the House of the Destroyers and this time it shows they're even willing to take down the Presidency.

Fuckin' hell, mates.

It looks like the CIA is bouncing Trump off the walls in the White House and Trump can't possibly know who he can trust but probably no-one.  Everyone around him is leaking like rusty colanders and nothing has to be true since they know they never have to prove anything.  MSM passes it off as a White House official who spoke off the record and then they're golden; they never have to prove anything or identify anyone.

Ed:  they're whistleblowers

They're not even close to whistleblowers as they're engaging in active malfeasance.  If you truly want to blow a whistle, blow it to WikiLeaks.  Nothing they have released has ever been proven false.

Perhaps the lament isn't so much for Trump but for the Presidency and consequently the Republic.

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