Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"The Dead Man's Manifesto" #Poetry

The Dead Man's Manifesto
has no self motivation
there is no invitation
except to do a better job
after wrapping the poor in rainbows
to pretend we don't exist
will they look in retrospect
at all the things they missed

When there is no chance of bias
and there's nothing to be gained
will they accept the word as truth
after so much has been strained
from life and color and all the things
which make existence so delicious
but something burned and now it comes
they've turned completely vicious

Will they look at all the fallen
and help us to our feet
or feel there's an expectation
we have all failed to meet
Will they feed those who are hungry
or let them starve and die
calling it all ordained by Malthus
while they know it's another lie

They say they yearn for greatness
but there's nothing greater they can bring
than to find those who are weaker
and give reason for them to sing
For I give and I receive
they only work in equal measure
when even saints take joy in giving
but it's a fair-gained pleasure

I'm no saint and couldn't be
that evidence is darkly clear
I'm the wretch behind the circus tent
and you have no need to fear
the words are rather gentle
if you would hold them near
the Sun is shining brightly
and let's try another year

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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