Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Higher Love" | Lilly and Steve Windwood | w/Lyrics

I've only been vaguely aware of this song in the sense it sounded kind of pretty but I thought a tad sweet for my taste and I didn't pursue it.  The link was in a Comment and thanks for that post so I listened and it is sweet but it's a lovely thing.  It's religious if you want it to be but it isn't a requirement which keeps the song on track that the higher love may come from anywhere.  That's not at all an attempt to refute any religious attribution to it since that works splendidly as well.

There was a situation earlier but that has reversed and the Cavalry is coming.  That won't make sense to you except generally but it's specific to One Who Knows and it's a great relief this day.  As to why that situation should reverse ... play the song again and that's all the explanation necessary.


Anonymous said...

Its so different from the pop version Steve Windwood does solo.

I thought this version brought it to another level and the message was much clearer. I had not heard this version, but came upon it while searching for hte pop version.

Sometimes I discover cool tunes that way.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Same here as many of the videos are posted are of acts I never saw before and songs which can be covered in many ways are the best, I think. For example, I don't think much of the diva hip hop material would translate since you take away the beat and there's not much left. However, something like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is beautiful as pop smush and maybe an act could go jazz with it or, if you've got major balls, make it electric but that would need SO much finesse.