Thursday, July 27, 2017

Would You Believe it for a Quarter #Poetry

President Donald Trump ordered mandatory and immediate security surveillance of all of America's cemeteries because terrorists have been digging up graves to steal the bones of the deceased.  Ever since America started using rounds for their weapons with uranium jackets, it's been possible to extract uranium from the bones of the dead for creation of a dirty nuclear bomb or something of that destructive nature.

The problem is most evident around Los Alamos after so many problems with uranium during the course of weapons manufacture.  Police estimated sixty percent of the grave sites around Los Alamos have been plundered by terrorists seeking uranium from the deceased.

Vice President Mike Pence announced as well there will be the formation of the White House ODM (i.e.) Office for Dead Motherfuckers to coordinate and enforce a robust and rigorous defense of America's graveyards.  He closed by saying, "Gee, Donald, your hair looks terrific today."

However, Pence also announced Rick Perry would keep his position as Energy Secretary even though the simple fuck was gulled into talking about pig shit in an interview.  (The Guardian:  US energy secretary Rick Perry duped by Russian pranksters to talk about pig manure)

Mike Pence followed that by saying the glasses don't do anything good for his look.

The Rockhouse has long reviled cemeteries as showing little respect for dead people but a whole lot of respect for the funeral industry which makes bank on them.  Some of my best thoughts come in the toilet and that shouldn't be so revolting when the same is obviously true of most of Washington.

My thought was regarding what to do with dead people and I came up with the right answer, the green answer:  recycle them.

I started talking with Yevette and told her, man, this is great since Tories can dig up the deaders to extract gold and other precious elements from our bodies.  Then they can turn all the cemeteries into golf courses and make a profit on the conversion.

Note:  the Blackhawk pipeline builders would take that deal in a New York millisecond since they have plenty of experience with digging up bodies in graveyards.

Yevette freaked and was saying no, no, no, that will just give them ideas ... so that should give some idea of the expectations we have from Tories in America.

Zen Yogi:  expectation is at the root of all deception

Booboo:  wtf, Zen Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  you can't be deceived if you don't want anything

Booboo:  expectation is when misdirection can work?

Zen Yogi:  that's when misdirection always works, Booboo

"Where's the Tinman?"

They said Dali's mustache is ok
even to this distant day
but his body is like a fencepost
so they needed a chisel for DNA
They also said he'll rise again
and we asked, "Fucking why?"
Even Penn state's best motor oil
won't ever make him fly

They said, "Oh, sure, believe it.
One day he'll live again."
I said, "Unless he eats wood like a termite
he'll just meet another end."
They said please accept his divine rebirth
we will never stop believing
we have heard all your cynic's mirth
but it's the Scarecrow we are receiving

I asked them, "Where's the Tinman?
Of course he'll be coming along
and how about that fat old Wizard
since they're all in that same song
They said, "Oh, pish posh, Satan.
You can't shake our faith
but we'll sure scoot for demons
and we really hate the wraiths."

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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