Saturday, July 22, 2017

"It's Not My Flames You Fan" #Poetry

He asked, "May I tell you about God?"
I said, "I really wish you wouldn't.
I know you think it's good
but deep down you know you shouldn't.
It's not my flames you fan
but others you just couldn't
and for all of that tall talk
it still leaves you cold and wooden."

There's an endless despair,
My God, what if it's not true
but they cannot find the answer
and still they will tell you
since that gives some validation
even though they don't believe
but they think it brings salvation
as the gift they will receive

You know that's not the answer
and we have walked this road before
but still they keep on coming
ever more and more and more
"May I tell you about God?
May I help you understand?
Take Jesus to your heart
to become a real man."

We hear them making deals
as if any could appeal
to anyone not lost
far off in the lonely fields
They will save us all from something
no-one has ever seen
it's awful; it's a horror
but fewer yet believe

From this we ask, "What horror?
What is this thing you fear?
Why do you sit in terror
at the thought it will come near
What do you have inside you
which torments you in this way
but know there is no invoice
there is no bill to pay

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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