Wednesday, July 26, 2017

When Proselytizing for Marxism Makes the AntiChrist, I'm Your Huckleberry

The interview with Abby Martin and Dr Richard Wolff presented on Ithaka a few days ago was recorded before the election but has the same cogency, relevance, and immediacy relative to the current situation, maybe even more.  (Ithaka: Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself | Empire Files | Abby Martin w/ Dr. Richard Wolff)

The reaction from Americans is generally to scoff since capitalism is going like Casey Jones when he's ridin' that train, thank you very much.  However, that perspective is flawed since the capitalist pyramid doesn't tip from the top but rather from the bottom.  As Wolff observes in the video, once the consumers can't afford to buy the product you make, the golden goose is dead.

We will be skipping past the hysterical since we're not talking about bringing Cinderella from Disneyland or Never-Never Land to wave her li'l wand to turn everything Socialist in one glorious technicolor sweep.

There are some things we know and accept since no-one ever talks about privatizing firefighting.  The job is way the fuck too dangerous so people are generally happy to leave that one with the state.  It's the same with cops since even Hitler didn't try to privatize that lot.  Those organizations perform a socialized function but aren't necessarily socialist in nature.

In the video, Wolff speaks of factories owned by the workers and the immediate rhetorical from him is to ask, "Do you think those workers would sell out those jobs to overseas destinations?"

The clear theme is regarding the exploitation of the worker by the corporate but what other conclusion would you draw after CEO salaries have gone up astronomically over, say, the last ten years whereas worker salaries have stagnated.  The CEOs have determinedly pursued cheaper workforces overseas to the ongoing exploitation of workers wherever they can find them while discarding those they now consider too expensive.

Wolff also makes the point it's impossible for individuals to have any effect on the behavior of the corporations, regardless of stock ownership, since an individual will only have a paltry number of votes but the Plutocrats have millions.  Your vote means nothing.  Their purpose is only to serve the rich who contribute nothing at all except to their own well-being.

Still there's the pitch capitalism is doing just fine but that's tough to justify when the medical care system is collapsing in real time.  Congress only dances from one bad system to another and they do it in the most ungainly way possible.  That Congress currently puts its hopes on the vote of a man with a death sentence makes capitalist absurdity so ludicrous it's never even been satirized before.

There's no need to get hysterical even if there's a definite word from Washington, "Today, my fellow Americans, we are Socialists."

The vista of Plutocrat vapor locks from coast to a coast as they choke on their cigars is a simple delight but we need to push past it.

Socialists are going to start fixing some things and doing it extremely damn fast before they spring any more leaks.

Improv nuclear waste storage at nuclear sites will stop and the material will be properly conveyed to Yucca Mountain for long-term disposal.  The Air Force won't like it but they won't be doing much anyway.

We won't just build some bridges but rather we will build cities because the current cities leak from just about every possible seam whether it's in air pollution, sewage pollution, garbage pollution, and a myriad in an endless list.  We recognize those cities can't be saved and only exist as staging areas for the cities of the future.  Workers will build them because we can build fucking anything when we have a positive purpose and a reason to do it.

It will suck for the military industry since there won't be any more warring for no more purpose than capitalist acquisition.  That funding alone will save enough to turn the country into Disneyland if the workers are given free rein to build it.

Some do consider me a type of AntiChrist since maybe my writing is contagious or some crazy ass thing but that only tells me the IQ in America is dropping as fast as the sperm count.  (Ithaka:  Not Even Vonnegut Foresaw it Coming this Way #Science #Reproduction #Race)

Plutodog:  you're not going to go ripshit on the Stock Market?

Well, no, but the profiteering will stop faster than that super-expensive sports car you can't really handle.  Don't fuck with us or we will come after your wealth and I promise you will hate that shit but with the gigantic irony you will still wind up rich as fuck.

Plutodog:  we are the 1% and you need us!

America is just about to throw twenty-three million people off medical insurance without even blinking an eye.  The 1% only comprise three million people so any idea they're needed for anything but their money and parades with shitty marching bands is juvenile fantasy.  The hell of it is we don't get any money and only get the shitty parades.

Disclaimer:  the Rockhouse is not busting on the Middle Class Millionaires out there but rather the Plutocrat Pigdogs who sucked so much cream off the top even y'all didn't get it although they do give up some cheese sometimes ... just like Gerald Ford.

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