Sunday, July 23, 2017

RFID Turns Humans into Walking VISA Cards #Science #Security


A US vending business is entering a new era of ‘convenience’ by implanting microchips in employees that will allow them access to basic workplace amenities.

At least 50 staff at Wisconsin firm Three Square Market have volunteered to have a microchip, similar to one in a contactless credit card, inserted into their hand, according to the company.

RT:  Handy way to pay: US firm plans to fit employees with microchip implants

You have probably already decided no way in hell are they doing that to me but here's the beauty part.

According to KSTP, the encrypted chip normally costs $300, but will be provided to volunteers at the company free of charge.


Long term they probably plan on making employees pay for it or why mention the price.

Three Square Market say the volunteers will be able to use the tiny electromagnetic device to bypass login requirements and buy food on their lunch breaks.

Implanted between the thumb and forefingers, the microchip uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication technology [NFC] to read information stored on external objects or products.

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- Infer the hammering from reams of articles already written on the security faults with RFID and near-field systems.  There's a reason for keeping your cards in a shielded wallet. -

There are abundant security flaws in the system and not the least of which is hacking the RFID chip to reveal login information but our favorite is simple:

What happens when you go to a different job?  Will it cost another $300 to get the chip removed.

As to whether the RFID chip responds to silent dog whistles, we can't really be sure but there are many RFID chips implanted in dogs.  Soon you can join that canine cadre and welcome to the Future.

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