Sunday, July 30, 2017

Talking to Cadillac Man About the War Against Trump

Cadillac Man observed when there's so much opposition to Donald Trump then he's going to be gone in six months.  However, Michael Moore observed at least six months ago that Trump will be gone in six and Trump's still here but no-one cares what became of Michael Moore.

Note:  when last seen, Michael Moore was headed for Broadway in a Pussy Hat to cash in on feminism but unknown how that played out for him and apparently not so well when there's been no publicity about it.  After all, where's the self-respecting feminist to shop.  Will it be with Michael Moore's dumpy ass or will it be with Code Pink.

Unlike Moore, CM is not in it for the money so we'll go with his prediction at face value.  Opposition comes to Trump comes from everywhere and the only thing we haven't heard so far is from Queen Elizabeth saying Trump kicked one of her corgis.  We need did not review any historical precedents so I do believe we have a fair question on whether any President has survived this much opposition previously.

The Rockhouse sees a whole lot of people slamming Trump over matters of morality but a large proportion of that is coming from the CIA shills who were pushing Clinton (e.g. CNN, The Guardian, MSNBC, etc) and we immediately dismiss any moral outrage from that lot since it didn't faze any of them to back Obama / Clinton who had committed immense moral outrages if only reviewed in terms of the Middle East alone.

In the view of the Rockhouse, those who supported Clinton with her CIA patron, James Clapper, are the active enemy of the country and Trump isn't even close to the dangers those people represent.  They destroyed the 2016 election and now they seek to destroy the President which is just about typical of the CIA since they, above all else, are destroyers.

CM observed Fox News has turned on Trump as well but that's not entirely true since Sean Hannity is singing the praises like that will give him a past path to the Lord.  There are other of those flapjacks flippity flopping all over the place but, overall, Fox News show less duplicity than CNN since Fox typically lies by omitting news whereas CNN, The Guardian, MSNBC often distort it or invent it (e.g. Jake Tapper and the urinating hooker scandal).  When Don Henley sang of the graceless age, MSM had to be part of that.

The Rockhouse reviews all the primary news sources and the one which consistently comes off as least-biased is Russia Today which, coincidentally, is the same one the others unanimously vilify and which the state actively seeks to suppress.  When there's that much effort to block any news source in America, it makes it incumbent on us to review since what's more likely to speak truth, those who bring news or those who try to stop them.  (RT:  'An attempt to drown out Palestinian voices': RT’s office building raided in Ramallah (VIDEO))

The Rockhouse believes only a tiny proportion of the moral outrage directed toward Trump has any basis in morality and one example of that was the so-called left-leaning Resistance media going on about the horror of Scaramucci's language and actions after Trump dumped Reince Priebus on the tracks so, in effect, the so-called Left has risen in defense of the one who was an important part of getting Trump elected.  However, apparently he's been one of the many leak sources so he got slashed.

The moral outrage doesn't impress us at all since only two questions come:  what is their motivation and who is paying them to have it.

Trump is right that Reince Priebus needed a blood-letting since he's one more vile piece of the system which is destroying the American political system as it metastasizes since fake news isn't just some swami recently found in India and who has four penises.  That Scaramucci's language is ostensibly offensive to those who protest it isn't of any importance since, well, we just don't give a fuck about it.

If the age of NeoPuritanism isn't here then how do you explain a CNN article lauding some outlaw pastor who it happens is touring for the big bucks right now.  (CNN:  Outlaw pastor Rob Bell shakes up the Bible Belt)

Note:  if that's an outlaw, how do you tell the good ones?

The war with Trump doesn't have much to do with the way it's presented but it's got a great deal to do with the CIA trying to undermine him for lack of support.  Obama and Clinton were right there with the CIA just like nitwit school kids looking like they were trying to pay attention in class.

We don't see the war against Trump as being all that political but it's immensely demonic since the CIA doesn't do anything else.

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