Monday, July 24, 2017

Cap'n, Cap'n, Thar Be Centrists About and I Think I See the Ghost of Obama

Zen Yogi:  you must be careful with those Centrists, mate, since they're sneaky and they're good at weaseling their way into places they don't belong.

Booboo:  that doesn't sound like Zen, Yogi.  It sounds like us when we find pic-a-nic baskets.

Zen Yogi, true, Booboo, but we don't steal pic-a-nic baskets for the sake of regime change.

One of the favorite cases of regime changes forced by America may help the matter of regime change into perspective relative to Barack Obama's persistent determination to whack Assad in Syria.

Where do you suppose he learned about regime change, mates?  Which American President is most closely analogous to Barack Obama?

The Guardian:  I know, I know!

Guardian, you have shown a blithe indifference to history and an almost total lack of awareness of it which means you will never be more than amateur hobbyists.  Do the world a favor and never write again.

Cadillac Man:  I know!

I know you do, mate, but you ain't here so we will chalk that up as a virtual score.

Zen Yogi:  a pic-a-nic basket is better than a steak dinner if you only wanted fried chicken

Thanks for that Zen insight, Yogi.

(drum roll)

Salvador Allende was whacked in September, 1973, by the CIA under direction from Henry Kissinger for the extreme crime of being the Leftist leader of Chile.  (WIKI:  Salvador Allende)

The one who dispatched the CIA for the purpose of regime change in Chile was Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon who was thrown out in 1974.  (WIKI:  Richard Nixon)

Therefore, the closest political analog to Barack Obama was "Tricky Dick" Nixon and, what do you know, he presided over a different field of slaughter in Vietnam for yet more regime change.

Cadillac Man, this one may burn yer Pop Tarts a little bit but you know the truth of it.

Note:  no, I don't believe you eat Pop Tarts.  I don't actually believe anyone eats Pop Tarts insofar as they seem to be cardboard containers of sweetened pig shit.

The stunner for the Rockhouse is Centrists have played Barack Obama's Presidency as the second appearance of Christ while simultaneously reviling Richard Nixon as someone so despicable even death by Ebola was too good for him.

Yogi:  Centrists are funny that way

Sure, Yogi.  They're really fuckin' hilarious.

It may seem unusual to refer to Obama as a ghost when he's not dead but he's been one ever since he became a politician, an exceptionally poor politician.  What else could he hope to be when he modeled his Presidency after that of one of the most vicious bastards of the Twentieth Century.

Obama:  I was trying to whack Assad for Jesus!

You were trying to whack him for a Fiji vacation with Katy Perry and the cool kids, asshole.  Even Nixon had more class than that.

Note:  we're not overlooking the fact Nixon started the collapse in the American health care system when he backed Kaiser Permanente with HMO plans in for-profit hospitals.  However, Obamacare didn't do much more about the scandalously poor system in America beyond giving it a coat of paint.

Between Obama's duplicity on why he was doing it and Trump's incompetence in trying to make it even worse, there might finally be the push to send Big Med to Golgotha where it has no chance whatever of being reborn.  People might finally be so pissed off about Big Med's stealing that one-payer takes the win.

Good riddance to Richard Nixon and Barack Obama as there wasn't tuppence to choose between them.  People don't know the history and, what do you know, the Centrists fuckin' repeated it.

Zen Yogi:  how can they understand the now when they don't understand the then

So long as they keep eating Pop Tarts, Zen Yogi, they will probably never understand much of anything.

Zen Yogi:  you are not talking about a breakfast confection anymore

You're ever astute, Zen Yogi.

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