Saturday, July 29, 2017

"Just What You Really Did" #Poetry

That's when the Snowman exhorted them,
"Don't be so fucking nice
since if I were out there shooting
then I could have done it twice
There are women and their children
fair targets every one
and the old ones must be slower
so cap those ones just for fun"

There's one down each eight hours
and you are all being much too kind
just work a little harder
and I'm sure you will find
there are many easy targets
but be sure your camera is inactive
we don't want any evidence
which gets so darned unattractive

There are trials but we can fix them
yet we don't need that kind of noise
we want the public eye to see you
as just those good old boys
who will come to rescue kittens
or find your long-lost kid
and we don't want them to ever know
just what you really did

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Only three percent of cops have been identified as dirty insofar as they have falsified evidence, stolen, and/or been excessively violent yet remain on the job.  For some reason, those names are protected by law or at least judicial ruling.  Extend the number to ten percent to include those unidentified and we still have left ninety percent of cops who just want to be good cops.  The poem is about the 3% we know are bad cops.

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