Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why the US is Being Humiliated

The article on this subject was written by Simon Tisdall, a journalist for The Guardian, and it's the first thing on the subject of Edward Snowden that CNN has published that has much of any timeliness or relevance to the subject.  (CNN:  Why U.S. is being humiliated by the hunt for Snowden)

Regardless of political party, US politicians are posturing like a bunch of high-school prom queens hustling for an advantage.  The absurdity of John Kerry threatening China or Russia with anything may be the most ridiculous thing that's happened but Nancy Pelosi is right behind him as a member of some Intelligence Committee in the Senate.  They're showing themselves not only to be hypocrites but toothless old goats.

Until the US stands up for transparency and truth, expecting to be taken seriously by anyone isn't likely.  The first step toward that is running General Keith Alexander out of town, ideally out of the Universe.  That sick bastard has been a huge part of the offenses committed by the NSA and its clones around the world and is a large part of why there is no cooperation coming from anywhere.  The US cause is obviously not just and acting like a bad-tempered bully will not make it so.  (Wiki:  Keith Alexander)

As optimism rises around the world that the US will not be able to crucify Edward Snowden as it is currently doing with Bradley Manning, the greater the amusement at the farce Obama has made of an otherwise creditable Presidency and the ridiculousness of Washington as a whole.  It doesn't represent the world, it doesn't even represent Americans.

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