Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Blooter on the Scooter - Updated

This part is about as sexy as bedding down with a Washington politician but the steps are necessary to prevent as much as possible problems after I roll out of here.

The part that has been solid from the start is taking a ferry from Patra, Greece, to Brindisi, Italy, and that's about 60-70 euros.  It would be better to take a ferry directly to Sicily but none take that route.  That means going south to the volcano before going north but that's all part of the adventure.

As to preparatory steps, the drive belt on the scooter was replaced today.  Unfortunately that was fifty-five euros but it's like buying the insurance as it's not sexy at all but it's protection against a huge problem if it were to break on the road.

Harry confirmed today the insurance will be set up today or tomorrow morning.  I'm not sure what it will cost and, by my standard of living, that will be another big dent but that too is mandatory as that gives me a green card for international insurance.

I will return to Babis, the Scooter Doctor, tomorrow and I must bring the guitar case with me so he can review what would be possible for attaching a 'shelf' to the scooter to mount it solidly and safely.  I will abandon clothes, etc but no chance I'm leaving that behind!

Part of the reason for leaving Greece is that I seem to have become quite allergic!  I have huge congestion and you can hear that when I do shows.  I go through napkins for blowing my nose by the ream.  I will do a show tomorrow night and I will do another one on Thursday but those will likely be the last from Greece as I anticipate now that departure will be this week-end.

I haven't done it yet but now I've got a reason to update the Map so you can see the Road to Catania as that's where we will find Mount Etna.  Cross your fingers for an eruption!  It's said to be the most active volcano in the world and seeing rocks in Greece is pretty cool but seeing them flying through the air is even cooler!


The international insurance is in-hand and it didn't cost anything!  However the insurance as a whole expires in a month.  De dum, de dum (laughs).  Must think on that some more.

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