Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Think YOU Have Killer Bees!

In Texas killer bees use the brute force approach and a billion or so of them attack you at the same time.  It's highly evil and you will probably die if they do that.

However ...

Today Harry was stung by a bee and swelled up profusely to the point of needing medication at the hospital to get it back under control.  He is doing much better but was, in effect, drunk from whatever they gave him at the time.

Nathalie, his wife, was telling me about it and she said something similar had happened to her and it was somewhere around her chest.  The result was so much swelling that it restricted her breathing!

Each attack was from ONE Greek bee!

Maybe you think, oh, of course, Greeks are susceptible to anaphylactic shock ... and that might make sense if Nathalie were not French.

It seems there is a price to be paid for the sweetness of Greek honey!

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