Friday, June 21, 2013

More Scooter Blooter

The verdict from Babis is the problem is not electrical but rather mechanical and he doesn't have an explanation for why it would stop working and then miraculously start again.  I went out to try again to start it at least three times when it happened and the scooter was quite determined not to start.  But then it did and hasn't screwed-up since.  So I will hold off for a few days on leaving to see if it happens again.

Harry is trying to find the cost for getting insurance that will be valid outside of Greece.  I'm not convinced it would have any value in recovering anything but cops will be quite annoyed if I don't have it.  Scooter insurance is not expensive but every euro counts for rolling out so we shall see.  Monday is the Greek Pentecost so there won't be word on that until Tuesday.

Sorry about the delays but this stuff is mandatory.

Babis, the Scooter Doctor, doesn't only fix scooters as there are all kinds of bikes at the shop and he has quite an array of racing parts, all the way up to full-out racing engine replacements.

That's Babis in the background.  In the foreground is a bike that isn't even close to street-legal.  How he got it registered is anybody's guess.  You can see the license plate tucked way underneath there.  There's a tachometer up-front but that's all and no mirrors either.  The tires are as close to racing slicks as you can get which means they're very soft rubber and have to be replaced often at four hundred euros.  I have no idea what kind of bike it is but I do know it has one gorgeous exhaust note.

It has Soho on the side of it but who knows what that means.  It has one ferocious motor in it as it's definitely not a 250 pretending to be one of the big kids.  It has some serious muscle.  So, of course he brings it to Babis.

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