Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Rooter Tooter Scooter Blooter

No, I have no idea what that means but you did as here you are!

The scooter doctor said the problem is not the ignition switch and I must return early tomorrow so he can go through it looking for electrical problems.  I'm not convinced that is correct but Sakis is a most excellent scooter doctor and he has a number of scooter doctors working for him.  I'm sure this is the right place.

The timing on this sucks ferociously but much better that this stuff arise where I have a place to sleep and know where I can get it repaired.  Electrical problems are your worst automotive nightmare and, assuming this happened on the road, there wouldn't be much choice except to take off the license plates and walk away.

Meanwhile, the Internet access is working better than it has in weeks and that has permitted performing twice.  That will do nothing for getting the scooter fixed but it makes life more entertaining until it's ready to roll out.

More scooter blooter as it happens.


Anonymous said...

we call these happenings. Signd

Alan Fraser said...

I call them demonic visitations! (laughs)