Monday, August 7, 2017

Washington's Grand Theft and America's Spineless Reaction

In the above chart, 54% of the gold goes to the military before anything else happens and yet the people say they're free.  The sample budget is from Obama's administration and the Trump budget is not active yet but he's made clear his budget will be even more vicious than this one.  There isn't anything after the military which takes even a significant portion of the budget relative to the depredations the armed forces have been forcing on America for decades.

Even the vicious General Bethlehem from the Holnists didn't demand so much tribute from the people.

Ref:  "The Postman"

In reaction to that, Americans do absolutely nothing.  They don't protest, they don't speak, and they give almost no evidence they're even aware of it which would not be surprising given the lack of awareness of a great many things.  However, they will sing the praises of the economy like they're singing hymns for Jesus.

Ed:  Bernie Sanders protested mightily

Yah and in return America jumped on him wearing hobnail boots with Republicans and Neoliberals taking equal joy in the beating.  None protested the military at all, however.

However, those cold-blooded frog fuckers are most pleased to slash MEDICARE because that's obviously the cause of America's budget problems.  Many Americans say they don't support the military expansion but they fuckin' voted for it and that played just the same for Trump or Clinton since neither team does jack shit about fixing the problem and instead looks for ways they can make personal fortunes on it.

Obama was just some Dagwood from Chicago until the Presidency and now he hangs out with Richard Branson.  Ain't no flies on him.

Note:  Americans are aware of the expression 'no flies on you' but they have almost no awareness of the "Lord of the Flies" which should go some distance toward demonstrating their lackluster nature and possibly explains their vicious character.  Many are headed toward retail jobs but given that kind of education what the hell else can anyone do with them since they're effectively unemployable otherwise and their conversation will never be more than the vapid mundanity endemic on social networks.  They have become a singularly vacuous people.

Ed:  you could put them on Trump's Cabinet (e.g. Rick Perry)

Yep, Chris Christie is just a fat ass organ grinder selling poisoned ice cream and Rick Perry would struggle to make it as his monkey.

The so-called neoliberals are the worst for the hypocrisy of it all since the military budget doesn't change that much with them relative to Republicans and hasn't in well over thirty years.  America couldn't be more politically stagnant if it were a Louisiana bayou strangled with algae, Spanish moss, and alligators.  Washington has all the alligators of the bayou but the Spanish moss is harder to see.  They have become exceptionally good at hiding it over the years but, regrettably, did not get particularly good at anything else.

Ed:  "The Guardian" is hosting the Resistance now!

I have followed "The Guardian" for some while and I have never read of those chicken ass political cowards raising so much as a whimper about military spending.  They're no more Resistance to anything than Chris Christie's monkey.


Anonymous said...

remember not to give Bernie so much credit as?an anti military. As he voted to fund your favorite fighter every time since it was built in his State.
Refer to all politicians are lying thieves with no moral compass

Peas InOurThyme said...

In fact I won't since he's the only one who said anything about it and he's the only one who doesn't take bribes.

Anonymous said...

I believe he is the closest one to a real politician but he has his issues also. You can't lay in a cesspool for long with out being infected

Peas InOurThyme said...

Until there's evidence, I have no reason to believe it. There was evidence galore about the Clintons but people didn't look at it instead making a mountain of rubbish about Russia. An honest one doesn't have much of a chance with that cud-chewing lot.

Anonymous said...

He is as staunch anti military out there but very every time to proceed with the F35.
That is just like every politician out there. Have no idea if any contributions accompanied that flip and I don't really care.
I have not believed any politician from any party in years and years.

Anonymous said...

I think last time I commented on his support you said he had to support it for his political survival. And that he voted either way would not have swayed the process.

Peas InOurThyme said...

You vote for them (shrug)

Anonymous said...

I have not voted for any of them.
I believe you posted about voting for Obama the last time you voted. Your position of all politicians are evil is a relatively new stance

Peas InOurThyme said...

OK, so you don't vote and all this is just to amuse yourself.

I knew Reagan was evil from the start but there's so much repression in the country, particularly in the corporate world, those views could not be expressed without penalty.