Tuesday, June 25, 2013

lefty and Bo Singing It at the MusikCircus

Happily it wasn't Baby Face lefty who came to play last night at Cat's Art MusikCircus as this was the lefty who has been playing for a very long time and that Baby Face was just a little strange!

lefty Unplugged plays in Second Life and his real life counterpart, Kevin Farrell, plays quite frequently around his home but usually not solo.  He spoke last night of a recent gig in which he was performing with a clarinet player and a fiddle player.  He didn't say it but I imagine he was also performing with his long-time band-mate, Darren Poyzer, and the result was a show that lit up the whole place.  I would dearly love to attend one of those shows in real life but his Second Life solo shows are excellent as well.

lefty is consistently one of the most inventive performers around as he has a very subtle technique with his guitar and uses various devices with excellent facility.  If you listen carefully you will hear a looper come in and out of play, sometimes there is a touch of echo, and overall there is a very delicate touch to his music.  He doesn't play cheesy Am-C-G progressions and he was playing some most unusual chords last night but that's another part of why his music is fascinating.

Where lefty also has a very delicate touch is in his use of vocal devices as it sounds like, for one, he uses a pedal for a variable reverb at times and this is just one of many ways he augments his singing.  The sound of his voice is very cool in any case but these touches embellish it in his own unique way.

Where lefty really excels is in his mastery of the dynamics of a song as as he will bring a song down to a very gentle delicacy and bring it back up until it is highly emphatic.  This is where his experience really comes through as he is not only playing the song but the emotion behind it and he's a genius at it.

Learn more about this highly creative musician on his Artist Profile on Cat's Art MusikCircus Web site.

Unfortunately, Cat had more Internet troubles in Germany last night and couldn't get online for a couple of hours later than normal.  This meant I kicked into Guardian Tiger stuff to cover her but I know she hated missing lefty.

Untolerable Bohemian played the set after lefty last night.  Everyone calls him Bo and he has a radical singing style; he wouldn't be untolerable if he didn't!

There's no way to fully review Bo's performance as he has a bit of an affliction in real life that mandates he take it easy.  There's no chance I will reveal any details on that except to say we hope it passes soon.

Untolerable Bohemian gives a highly-enigmatic performance as he takes a beat and swings it all the way around the Moon.  While he plays covers almost entirely, they aren't at all attempts to sing anything the way the original sounded but rather to carry them out in his own style and interpretation.

The other side of the Untolerable enigma is that he was previously playing electric and bringing out a large number of original songs.  I don't really understand why there has been such a big change in his style but he is young and his willingness to explore different aspects of his music is a big part of what makes him an excellent match for performance at Cat's Art MusikCircus.

I've heard a little bit of what he played in previous times but I've never heard him do it live and I would very much enjoy it if I could.  However, I'm in a clear minority as you can see women swooning over his current work whenever he sings so we shall see what develops as he continues growing.

Cat arrived not so long after Bo got started so she got to hear one of the sets last night and hopefully the weather in Germany will settle down soon!  So of course we danced!

My ol' Dad was one hell of a fine dancer but I know this move would have impressed him!  Bo is swinging his beat in the background and I'm swinging my woman.  It's all part of the magic at Cat's Art MusikCircus!

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