Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Michi Renoir Played and Then the World Exploded

Yesterday was one continuous disaster but I'll get to that after the report as Michi Renoir came back last night to play at Cat's Art MusikCircus.  Unfortunately, Cat couldn't attend as there has been a lot of storming in Germany and, like last week, this prevented her from using her computer.

When Cat can't be there I go into my Guardian Clown stuff and do the set-up tasks needed to get the show started.  This part all went fine and Michi Renoir started right on time and went straight into his incredible improvisations.

There was a lot of chat in the audience about the London Jam that comes up the week-end after next and the reason for the chat is Maestro Michi will be there.  I've said many times how much I would like to jam with him and that would be a fantastic opportunity for it.

Keeping it to a report on the set, Michi was improvising the whole time and going through such a wonderful array of voices that it makes for a really dazzling performance.  He uses a variety of devices but I have no idea if these are internal to the synthesizer as his piano is pretty intelligent too.  The brilliance in the use of them is, much like Lefty, he brings them in very smoothly and fades them out the same way so they don't give the artificial feel that devices and effects often can.  Instead it's an hour-long journey into some magical place Maestro Michi devises and it's a wonderful trip to take.

I've written previously about recording your sets and I don't know if Michi does this.  The reason I wonder is he could easily release a CD a week simply be taking the set and sending it unchanged to CD Baby (along with maybe twenty euros to publish it).  His sets are that good and perhaps that could happen someday.

Something that will tell you much more about Michi Renoir than my words is an extension to his Artist Page at the Cat's Art MusikCircus site.  There you will be able to watch the videos of him I have been able to find on YouTube and the profile will continue to be extended as more information related to him is found.

Michi Renoir always ends his set promptly at the top of the hour when Reis and Aldo arrive for their performance but Cat was still plagued by storms so I got things cut over so they could play.

And this is when the world blew up ... again.  There wasn't even time to get pictures of Reis and Aldo before the Internet access crashed and now, fifteen hours later, access returns.

There is nothing I can tell you about the show as I didn't even last through the first song but what I can give you is an Artist profile for them in the same way as I did for Michi Renoir.  Reis and Aldo have a great many videos on YouTube, performing together and individually, and I have collected some they have done at the MusikCircus to make a YouTube Playlist.  You can see it on their Artist Page at the Cat's Art MusikCircus site.

The exploding world has become one infinitely tedious story.  Yesterday there was no water for most of the day.  The electricity cut out three or four times and then the Internet went down at midnight.  Given this state of affairs, sleeping under a tree in Italy would be no worse.  I have been reviewing that today and the Boss GT-100 will NOT fit under the seat of the scooter.  Obviously the guitar won't either so this problem doesn't increase theft risk, it just makes readying the scooter to leave a bit more difficult.  Rolling out will make it more difficult to stay in-touch with Cat but the Internet has been down here; it's difficult anyway.  I don't see a message from her so she may still be down also.

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