Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chicks on the Right - Why the Problems Don't Get Fixed

The statist drones at Chicks on the Right are operating under the deluded premise that someone would pay any attention to their hackneyed crap if the Chicks didn't have tits.

I did send them some love, tho:

If anyone cracks your idiot heads, the vacuum that's exposed will likely suck up half of Indiana ... hopefully.  Chicks on the Right - Where stupid isn't an affliction but rather a fashion.

It's their kind of myopia that permits the NSA to thrive.  There's not a word on their page about the NSA scandal but they were clever enough to associate Michelle Obama with a Lesbian.  Oh for the brain of a Hoosier ... or, much better, a good horse.

As noted multiple times here, the problems are not political as that whole extravaganza is just a sideshow to prevent inquiry into what is really driving the outrage.  The extreme polarisation of American political parties means any matter will be politicised and shredded before any hint of analysis is applied to it and the result is that nothing is accomplished.

George, Bush started the theft of phone records, email, etc and Barack Obama has extended it.  Therefore, political bantering is senseless as it will have no effect except to undermine dissent that's intended to expose problems rather than to keep them at the level of a neighborhood dogfight.

But talking about any serious issue makes no sense in the context of Chicks on the Right.  Much better to find some interesting nut jobs rather than the run-of-the-mill kind and for that we present the Second Coming of Jesus:  Australian Alan John Miller.  He has a hot little number who claims to be Mary Magdalene and why not as he's got to take those divine nocturnal urges somewhere.  Go ahead and laugh at this bozo but one hundred and fifty people show up when he speaks and his followers have bought up all the property in the area.


Anonymous said...

If all you have to offer is an insult, how are you not contributing to the polarization?

Alan Fraser said...

There's nothing but insults on your page and it amuses me that you take such offense when one is thrown back at you.

Alan Fraser said...

Kids, your desperate need for attention would be more likely to be satisfied if your moderately-cute little heads had anything in them.

(There were a couple of additional comments which I threw out as they were pretty much the same as the first one. Overall originality: zero)