Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Road (and Ferry) to Catania

The Map has now been updated with the general route to the Mount Etna volcano.

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This may be the craziest thing I've done yet but there is fairly strong competition in that regard so I will have to do my humble best although a fairly decent eruption from Mount Etna would clinch it for sure.

The next phase will be to head north through Italy and France to get to England.  I have no idea where I will live there but we've already determined it is necessary to establish residence to get medical.  My current assumption is that somewhere outside of London will be considerably less expensive than living in the city but that has yet to be verified.  I have seen flats for €200 in Germany but I must get medical together first.  The exchange rate for the British pound is much worse than for the euro so I doubt it will be practical to make England my base plus going on periodic jaunts to Germany won't show me even half as much as I want to see and feel of the country.

A hope for England is that I can get the Godin fixed.  There's something wrong with the bridge / synth pick-up and hopefully that can be fixed for not too much money.  If you have never heard a guitar with a MIDI synth, it is absolutely out of this world and that was the biggest reason I chose this guitar.  I found other reasons to fall in love with it after playing it but that aspect is unbelievable and you have to hear it to believe it.

As previously, if you can help with this through the Support the Search for Ithaka, it would be greatly appreciated.  My income is a pittance from Social Security and when it's gone it be gone.  What I'm sharing on this so far isn't too sexy but it should get interesting once I get in the wind.  More to come!

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