Thursday, June 27, 2013

Texas Executes 500th Prisoner and Rick Perry Wins a Trip to Puerto Vallarta

Governor Rick Perry of Texas said he didn't lose any sleep over the possibility of having executed an innocent man and of course, as a Texas Republican, he wouldn't.

Last night Texas executed its 500th prisoner since the death penalty was reinstated and just to share every little bit of humanism from that barbaric state, the prisoner was a woman.  (CNN:  Texas executes 500th inmate since 1976)

Texas is one of four in the Bucket of Blood states (i.e. Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Mississippi) that have accounted for seventy five percent of the executions in the United States.  Of course, to win the free trip to Puerto Vallarta, you have to be first state with five hundred executions and, with a total lack of morality or consideration, Governor Rick Perry, a God-fearing man, has done it.

On winning the Grand Prize, Rick Perry only had one question, "Do I have to take my wife with me to Puerto Vallarta?"

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