Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So, What About the Adventure?

There will be one more trip to Pyrgos today and hopefully it will be possible to mount a shelf on the side of the scooter as there's a quite nice nut holding the passenger's foot rest that would serve very well for mounting.  That would mean the guitar can be attached as safely as possible and it's the second to last task required before leaving.  The other is to renew my insurance.  None of these tasks are particularly interesting but all could be exceptionally unfortunate problems if I don't attend to them.

I will play tonight and also tomorrow at Cat's Art MusikCircus.  I will also attend the shows by Joaquin Gustav and Voodoo Shilton on Friday.  I intend to depart on Saturday morning and it's about 100 kilometers to Patra where I will catch the ferry to Brindisi, Italy.  Because I'm on a UK / EU passport, going between countries is no big diplomatic deal and no papers are required.

The ferry to Brindisi departs, I believe, at about eight p.m. and then takes all night to get to Brindisi.  My plan is to sleep on the deck and they are fine with that if you're too cheap to get a cabin.  I am most certainly that cheap and I'm definitely that broke (laughs).  Hopefully I will find an Internet cafe in Brindisi where I can check in here and then roll some distance before I connect back up in the afternoon.

Maybe I should stop using 'angel' to describe people who have helped me as maybe that's a bit precious but you're certainly very dear friends, all the more so in that you all know I would have shared this adventure anyway but still you help and it is very, very much appreciated.  Much love to you all!

It really looks like it will be soon now.  Tick...tick...tick...

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