Monday, June 17, 2013

Benno and his Cheerleaders Bring Queen to the Circus

There are 'tribute' acts in Second Life which thinly-disguised as live music events but Benno and his Cheerleaders don't disguise anything.  What's live in these performances is the extraordinary choreography of dance and light and the music obviously isn't live but that's not the point.

Harmony vocals (front row left), left to right, Vanni, Trixsi Thor, Stella Sangria
Dancers (back row left), left to right, Anouk Mikoyan, Chiara, Anja Horten, gabi Blaisdale
Keyboard: Mihaly Apfelbaum

Benno Sands is accompanied by nineteen or twenty Cheerleaders and this makes for one incredible spectacle.  If you have ever been to a Queen concert, you know already that they gave one of the most spectacular stage shows in rock.  While this doesn't look like a Queen concert and doesn't try to look like one, it is hugely spectacular in its own right with continuous changes in lights, lasers and effects.

Dancers (back row right), left to right, Denise Cheri, Sandra Katrin Freschi, Gisela Daniels, Twister Lauria
Drummer:  sann Release
Guitarist (far left):  Willo Palmer
Guitarist (middle):  Messi Murex
Saxophone (front):  Janet Lichtbringer
Guitarist (far right):  Sternchen Firecaster

I apologise that my notes are incomplete but it was right about this time that the sim crashed.  Benno brought down the MusikCircus house altogether!

It took about thirty minutes to get the sim back up again and I thought there would be no chance of recovering the show after that Benno is very tight with his Cheerleaders and German fans are very loyal.

This was after the sim came back up again and you can see everyone came back!  That's Benno Sands up-front as Freddie Mercury.  Note again that this is not a tribute show but Benno builds the show around a particular theme and this time it was Queen.  Of course that has to include "Bohemian Rhapsody" and no matter what various comedy movies did with the song it remains one of the most brilliant compositions in rock.  The show Benno and his Cheerleaders gave us lived right up to that!

Not only did Benno and his Cheerleaders come back but so did the audience and the show went on for another hour.  It is always an incredible spectacle as I have never seen anything like these performances, particularly with so many people involved in them.

Despite my incessant Internet crashes, Cat and I danced!

There's some distance between us as I had suggested singles dances so she wouldn't look silly when I crashed every few minutes.  She had one spectacular outfit and that calls for another picture!


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