Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still Some Gaping Holes in Google+

There's no need to reiterate the advantages of Google+ over other networks as I'm not selling anything and this isn't a textbook anyway.  However, there are some features, or the lack of them, that are really quite peculiar:

- Even Facebook can read your Twitter stream.  It's not very good at it as, at best, about thirty percent of them actually make it to Facebook but it at least makes a half-hearted effort.  Google+ doesn't even try and Google seriously needs to get past its thoughts of world domination and get down to making things work.

There are various third-party solutions to get your Twitter stream onto Google+ but the ones I've reviewed have been useless claptrap.  If Google+ wants to seriously talk about integration then that means I should be able to give it my Twitter ID and then the feed will flow automatically.  Ain't happening yet.  When even Facebook can do it, albeit not very well, it's highly pitiful that Google+ does not.

- Google has had its own calendar system for years but you need to create Google+ Events to post anything upcoming.  Does it not seem logical that your Google Calendar would serve these events to Google+ as what do I get out of doing it the other way around.  That forces me to create some events in Calendar and some in Google+.  (An Event created in Google+ will post to your Calendar but not, as far as I can tell, the other way around.)

Google+ did finally get YouTube videos at least partially-integrated for automatic display in Google+ so hopefully the Google Calendar will get that way as well.  I'm not fully-satisfied with the integration as many of my YouTube videos have not as yet shown up.  I mean videos I have created and not simply videos I've added to a Playlist.  As with Twitter, Facebook's integration with YouTube is exceptionally weak.  It will show a video has been posted but it doesn't retain anything so it floats off into history on your Timeline.  Useless.

Google+ doesn't seem to have so many people talking about their physical aches and pains as Facebook.  One on the latter I found particularly amusing was someone saying vision is very fuzzy and hands are shaking.  It seems an obvious question to me to ask if your vision is so poor and you don't have control of your hands then just how are you writing the complaint?

Both networks are pretty much nonsensical politically, though.  There is a tremendous quantity of ranting about what's bad about any opposition political party but there's relatively little promoting what's good about whichever party one likes.  There are the obvious ones which condense down to I Love Obama but that stuff is largely just hero worship and there's very little substantive about it.  There's some thinking that negativity is required to combat the negativity of the opposition but all that really comes from that is both sides come to resemble one another.

The evolution is interesting to observe.  We shall see.


Damian Mann said...

twitter sucks. google+ doesn't need it. twitter is an overrated chat room. no depth. that's why the media loves it.

Alan Fraser said...

Well, they're all over-rated chatrooms! I find Twitter quite useful for when I couldn't be bothered to write an article as that Tweet will automatically post to my blog and also Facebook. The only one missing is Google+.