Thursday, June 13, 2013

Silas Scarborough Plays at Cat's Art MusikCircus Tonight

The show will be at 1:00 pm SLT / PDT which is 11:00 pm EET (Greece Time) so it really is a night show for me.  This is the only way I can play for Cat and I get a huge kick out of it.

The Internet has been even more unreliable than ever today so I'm guessing it's 50/50 whether it will work.  Right now it's as skittish as a virgin on prom night and that's a delicate situation as there are no virgins after prom night.

There are two views of the blow-up of the Galactic Peace Tour.  The first is the total horror of that beautiful kit and all those instruments going up in smoke.  The second view and only one that is survivable is that at least the stuff that remains didn't burn and I can still play.

So, assuming no more storming, the show will go on tonight and I'm hoping you will be there.

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