Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Night of Nylon-String Guitars at Cat's Art MusikCircus

Joaquin Gustav returned last night for Healing Friday at Cat's Art MusikCircus and he always gives an extraordinarily gentle performance.

Joaquin Gustav always brings a very elegant style to the Circus and he's the only one to wear a tux!  He is one of the hardest-working musicians in Second Life and has been for years as he does many, many performances and you can hear in his play how hard he was worked to develop his craft.

Last night Joaquin played relatively few pop songs and focused instead on everything from tango to Argentinian folks songs.  It's still lovely when he plays "You Are the Sunshine of Life" and dedicates it to Cat and I.  The man has an extraordinary sensitivity and you can hear it in everything he does.

As with the the other artists performing at Cat's Art MusikCircus, I have expanded his Artist Profile on Cat's Web site to include a Playlist of videos shot of him performing around Second life.

Unless he has another commitment in the real world, Voodoo Shilton plays the second set on Friday nights and he was back last night for yet another quite different performance.

Voodoo may think the picture is too sweet, particularly for a man covered in wild tattoos, but there is a gentleness to his performance even though he plays blazing fast.

Ratz enjoyed the performance from up on the trapeze and, yes, she was requested not to fall on Voodoo as the trapeze is right above him and there's no insurance for such an unfortunate incident.

Voodoo Shilton has been shaking up his sets in a big way lately.  If you haven't heard him in the last month then it's definitely time for a return visit as he is rolling out new originals, playing with more instruments, using a looper and making quite rich arrangements for his songs.  It would be a bit of a stretch to say he's a new man as you can see he looks like the same guy but he was really been pushing his set list way out there and it's been a very cool thing to hear.

There's no chance I can give you the names of all the songs he does as many have Spanish titles and I couldn't possibly spell them.  One song you will know immediately is "Summertime" as it's one of those marvelous tunes that is so flexible you can do it in just about any style you like and it will still be cool.  Voodoo makes a jazz version of it and I thought I heard his udu in it which he confirmed later.  He does a beautiful rendition of it and the udu adds one more touch to make it special.

He plays a great many songs in his shows and some I have in my notes are "Village Jam" which I didn't realise until last night was an original of his.  It is one blazing fast yet intricate piece of work and meant to express the wonder of the international nature of Second Life and music.  He also did one called "Sunrise" which is also original and he said it got the name as he was up all night working on the bass part and as he saw the sun coming up the name came to him.  "Afro Blue" is yet another and it too is an extraordinary piece of work.  Like the others, his orchestrations are very rich with different instruments and his arrangements are incredibly intricate.

Voodoo also did some fascinating pieces on his looper toward the end of the set.  One of the most interesting things to hear about a looper is how the additional instruments will build as each one is recorded into the loop.  At the end of the first one, the music faded to close it out and I was wondering, man, how the hell did you do that.  He was laughing afterward as he said he didn't do any special magic but rather reached down to the turn the knob.  Nevertheless, it was a very smooth exit.

And then he closed the show with the Tetra Galactar!

Even though he uses a lot of effects such as octave doubling and others, it doesn't sound affected.  That may not translate well to German as people often confuse 'effect' and 'affect.'  Affectation is when a college English professor grows a mustache, wears a beret and drives an MG.  You can effect being an English professor by knowing your poetry and teaching it well while affecting being an English professor is when you start looking for an MG.  So, yah, Voodoo isn't looking for an MG!

I have expanded his Artist Profile on Cat's Web site to include a Playlist of videos shot of him performing around Second life.

And, for the second night in a row (gasp), Cat and I had no Internet troubles and we danced!

Quite a wonderful evening with quite a wonderful Lady!

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