Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reis and Aldo Go Flying at Cat's Art MusikCircus

The first thought when Reis Alter starts singing is almost always flight.  With Aldo Brizzi laying down a complex tribal rhythm, it feels immediately like you're in the jungle and wild, multi-colored birds are flying through the steamy mist.  Reis and Aldo returned last night to Cat's Art MusikCircus for their Tuesday night show.

Reis and Aldo returned last night with their unique style of music and it's regrettable this sounds like promoter hype but you will know what I write is true as soon as you hear them.  They really are unique as I've never heard musicians put together music the way they do it.

Reis has a rare voice that's delicate without being weak, sexy without being bawdy, and evocative even if you don't understand whichever of the three or four languages she might be singing.  She also puts a tremendous amount of thought into her stage outfits.

In supporting her, Aldo creates the most innovative rhythms you will hear anywhere as he definitely will not be satisfied with a kick drum and a back beat on two and four.  His rhythms are complex and powerful but he does them brilliantly as they don't overpower Reis' singing.  Reis brings the glamour and Aldo brings the foundation as he always wears a suit as he sits behind his computers to play his synthesizer.

Reis comes from Brazil and you can hear in the music the influence of Brazilian rhythms.  There is always the feeling of carnival, of another exotic world far beyond the city life of glass and concrete.

Aldo is from Italy where both live now and his training has been formal to gain a deep understanding of music and composition.  The Reis Project is what we experience in Second Life but Aldo Brizzi also works in collaboration with many other musicians to create a variety of styles.  Many examples of his work can be found on the Aldo Brizzi Web site.

The Artist Profile for Reis and Aldo on the Cat's Art MusikCircus site has been expanded to provide permanent links to where you can learn about them and also to give a YouTube Playlist of some of the videos featuring them.

And Cat and I danced while hearts flew through the air

There is all manner of flight when Reis and Aldo take the stage!

Note:  Maestro Michi Renoir could not play last night as he was in-transit to London for the Second Life Jam there this week-end.  You will be able to hear him this week by keeping track of the London Jam in Second Life.

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