Sunday, June 16, 2013

Internet Sucks But Greeks Are Beautiful

Me:  Kalimera (Greek:  Good morning)
Store lady:  Kalimera
Me:  (holding a bungee cord in front of me)  Deka?  (Greek:  ten)
Store lady:  Something unintelligible for me in Greek
Me:  Sygnomie (Greek:  Sorry)
Store lady:  (smiles)
Her friend:  Deutsch?  (German?)
Me:  Ja, ein bisschen!  (German:  Yes, a little)
Her friend:  (Blank look)
Me:  Zehn von diese (Greek:  Ten of these)
Her friend:  Zehn?
Me:  Ja!

(Store kid comes in)

Store kid:  Can I help?
Me:  Yes, please, I need ten of these
Store kid:  Something unintelligible in Greek between he and the Store lady
Store kid:  Not now but Monday?  Tuesday?  Maybe Wednesday?  OK?
Me:  Nai!  (Greek:  yes)
Me:  Efharisto (Greek:  Thank you)
(smiles all 'round)

And today I went down to the market in Katakolon to get a couple of tomatoes.  I went to the owner's wife to pay for them and she just waved me off.  I was very surprised and then she put them in a bag and waved me off again.  She has guessed I'm broke and she and her husband are incredibly sweet people.

There's no way I can pay anyone and it would insult them if I tried but what I can do is tell you of this stuff so you get an idea of what Greece is like when you get away from the tourist stuff.  No-one gets treated badly in Katakolon but it's not the same as living day to day.

- I have never heard gunfire here except when Harry was checking out his weapon for hunting.

- I have never seen road rage contests or any kind of contest on the road.  If someone comes up behind you then you get out of the way.  It doesn't turn into a dick-measuring contest like it does in the U.S.

- As I saw in Holland for the first time in my life, women walk on the streets without fear.  In America even men are afraid on the streets and with good reason.  (Yes, I know many U.S. streets are perfectly safe but downtown streets are questionable and some are outright dangerous.)

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