Friday, June 28, 2013

The Day the Sun Came Out

It had been so many seasons
in which the sun shone not at all
and the crops were always stunted
by the ever-growing pall.
The clouds and mist grew darker
as we fell down through the years
with the misery so weighing
that even children shed no tears.

But then we saw a rider
with his brilliant silver shield
that he threw into the sky
to light up all the fields.
He sat there all alone
as he surveyed what he'd done
and all throughout the land
the people saw the sun.

No-one could go near him
after he chose his harsh fate
as a man without a shield
could not survive the hate.
The ones who fed the darkness
and fed the people's fears
would ever seek to find him
and soon they would appear.

He brought peace where they brought anger
He brought love when they brought hate
He brought light when they brought darkness
and they would serve their wicked fate.
To endless reach they'd hound him
Crying their bitter shallow goals
and they'd bleed him when they found him
to restore their dark control.

The people in this new sunlight
praised the rider on this day
Perhaps they will keep singing
and give some place to stay
The rider's life is forfeit
if the dark lords have their way
but the people have their song to sing
and they can take the day.

Dedicated to Edward Snowden

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