Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It Ain't Sexy but It's Safe

Mounting a shelf to the position where the passenger foot rest attaches didn't go anywhere and the importance of finding a better way was the attempt to leap from the scooter that the guitar made on the trip into Pyrgos.  More accurately, the guitar case made the leap as the guitar very deliberately wasn't in it.  The case didn't make it all the way to freedom but one end scraped the ground and got a bit of road burn from it.  So that makes two of us as I've had plenty of road burn from two-wheelers in my life.  The case isn't significantly damaged as it's a first-rate flight case but that doesn't mean I'm ok with it flying independently.

The new and improved method of attaching it is not ideal as it makes the scooter significantly wider but it is definitely secure:

While it's a bit awkward, it does have one advantage is not it prevents slumping.

The GT-100 will go on top of this and the sleeping bag on top of that with the tent at a forty-five degree angle over all of it.  The sight of it will be egregiously hideous but it should be effective and the tent should serve well to keep rain off the stuff below it.  The splashguards are good so there should be little coming up from below and, besides, in a heavy rain I will park it anyway.

And because this last part was about as boring as the setup ever gets, here's a picture of the beach at Katakolon:

There still isn't the blazing heat (e.g. 40+) you would expect and actually the temperature has dropped quite a bit.  Even at its hottest it's not like to approach the total blazing hell of Arizona where it has been 50+ this week (yah, well over 120F).  My friend spoke later about how her oven had broken and I thought, yah, it must have exploded in the face of that!

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