Monday, June 24, 2013

About the Necromancer

My view of the Necromancer is one who calls on the spirits and there is a black magic form of necromancy in which he is trying to raise the dead physically or, what I viewed as white magic, the attempt to raise the spirits of the dead.  Cat and I have talked about this at some length as she doesn't accept that poetic license is sufficient to push the definition of necromancy that far.  (Wiki:  Necromancy)

In my view the 'white magic' form of necromancy differs little from trying to contact my ol' Dad who has been dead for over a decade now.  I don't mean to contact him through a seance, ouiji board, or any such device but rather through 'places of power' such as I felt quite strongly in Tennessee and, thus far, have not felt so strongly anywhere else.

This isn't a call for you to 'vote' as to whether Cat is right or wrong as obviously she is right.  This started with a discussion of atheism and my view that it is too simplistic to have any particular value.  As soon as the astrophysicists start trying to explain the Big Bang they start talking about God as well.  From what I've observed, atheism is largely a rejection of Christianity and literal faith in the Bible which I view as quite dishonest as, assuming that is your intention, why not just say so.

Two things remain constant in the context of science and religion:  the first is that religion cannot prove God exists but the second is also true that science cannot prove He does not.  I'm not defending God as an omnipotent being hardly needs my defense for anything.  What you make of the matter is your own business but my perception of 'reality' is that we understand very little of what we can see and it's quite likely there is a great deal we can't see at all.

The Necromancer

Out in the darkest place you ever traveled
or imagined you would ever be
And out beyond the penetration
of the light from the farthest star
Out where the music and love
come to us all
That's where you'll find him,
The Necromancer

He casts his spells,
weaves his tales,
makes his magic,
as he calls on the spirits
to foretell the future
as he lives in his dream
and he smiles

But here at Cat's Art MusikCircus
anyone can do that
There spirits are flying through the sky
leaving multi-colored trails behind them
as they fly
So if you want to find the Necromancer
come to Cat's Art MusikCircus
and feel the love

That definitely isn't black magic but, by the textbook definition, it isn't necromancy either.  Something perhaps more closely related to my perception of the Necromancer is in theurgy or attempting to become one with the gods.  (Wiki:  Theurgy)

Some may perceive this as useless philosophical rambling but the application is toward my belief that love, music, and many things of that nature originate from outside us and we channel them into our lives.  That some are better musicians or more romantic may be what you add personally but the inspiration to do it is from something Greater Than All of Us.

In neither love nor music is there a scientific explanation for why they are so important to us.  Science can explain the physics of music but it can't explain why someone needs to do it and, as many have done, will give their lives to it.  The same applies to love as there are many things in human relationships science cannot explain.  It can tell us of hormone activity, what pheromones do, and things of that nature but nothing tells us why love is so important in the first place.  We could obviously continue the species without it as insects have no trouble with that and it would be a bit ambitious to ascribe the emotion of love to them.

Likely Cat and I will talk of this some more and perhaps the lyrics will change.  It's not her purpose to change me but rather we talk about various things and that's of great importance to me.  So, we shall see how it goes.

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