Friday, June 28, 2013

The Day of the Show

Today is the day to depart Greece for Italy.

I won't be leaving Katakolon immediately as the scooter ride to Patras is about one hundred kilometers so, at worst, that will take a couple of hours and the ferry to Brandisi doesn't leave until 17:00.  This is a time when it is preeminently important to ensure I have not left anything behind other than that which I have to abandon specifically because there is not room to carry it.

The latest news is that I have a relative in Edinburgh who has very generously offered to put me up in a flat.  I declined and asked instead for a recommendation of an inexpensive place to stay but she insisted that it would not be an imposition as she is not around much anyway.  Her offer would definitely make the visit to the U.K. survivable and there has been substantial question of that due to the frightful conversion rate for the dollar to the British pound.

So the question remains as to whether the trip itself is survivable and that's the adventure, isn't it!

I will not depart for Patras without first writing another update here and I expect the departure update will come about midday.

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