Thursday, June 6, 2013

Looking Like It's About Time for an Adventure

The southernmost landing point in Italy for a ferry from Patra, Greece (about a hundred kilometers from here), is Brindisi, Italy, and from there it is about five hundred and fifty kilometers to Catania.  Maybe you wonder why go there but you probably don't know Mount Etna is there.  That's the most live volcano anywhere around here and if I'm going to take Cat dancing on one then, hell yes, I'll find a hot one!

Wir werden auf einem Vulkan tanzen!

(We will dance on a volcano!)

As to why not just sit right here, that's exactly why as I'm just sitting right here.  I was going to take Cat to Chlemoutsi Castle but Germany has some of the coolest castles in all of Europe.  Or go to the beach but that will only be interesting to you all if you have spent your lives trapped in coal mines.  I grew up in Sydney, what do I care about beaches that don't even have surf.

I went down to Katakolon yesterday and finally found someone playing a bouzouki ... except it had a plastic body ... and you could see through it ... and it was electric ... and he sucked.  Even better, there were some Greeks behind him doing an 'authentic' Greek dance.  All the fookin' Turisten were just lapping it up.  Geez, Zorba, shoot me now.

Going to Catania is not as hare-brained as it seems as I've been researching camp sites in Italy and found that camping when you come in on a moto or a scooter is €2,40 per night.  (Camping Mokambo:  Prices)

My thinking is that I aim for maybe one hundred and fifty kilometers (i.e. not quite one hundred miles) per day and go from campsite to campsite to get to Catania.  There is one troubling little detail that I have neither a tent nor a sleeping bag but I'll leave the details to the programmers.  I do designs, man (laughs).

After Catania, the objective is to head north and make for London.  It would be novel to run into people who actually speak the same language even if they do think I'm an American.  London is an exceptionally expensive city so the additional requirement is to get some distance from it and there register for NHS (National Health Service).  One possibility, although quite extreme, is to go another six hundred and fifty kilometers to Edinburgh as possibly my cuz would let me use his residence as a mailing address.  The big problem through all of this is rain as the GT-100 guitar effects unit will be highly-exposed.  I believe the guitar will be safe inside the case but it's still a consideration as well.

(Ed:  Wrap it inside the tent and strap both to the seat.)

Could work, yep!

The next move after that is to head East, hopefully without sinking in the English Channel.  I have no interest in Amsterdam other than catching a buzz as I haven't done anything except blood pressure meds in eight or nine months so that would be novel.  The First Rule of Buzz is don't end up in jail so Amsterdam would be peachy for that.

It's quite the insane journey but it should be interesting / amusing to watch and the objective is to wind up in Germany and the regulars have seen my fascination with many things about the country.  Obviously a huge part of the fascination is Cat but there is much I have learned of the country and much I respect about it.

You may wonder how the music works in all of this and I have no idea but I know it will go nowhere in Greece.  I know more people and with better musical connections in Germany than I do in Greece plus it would be so damn cool to jam with Michi Renoir in Austria.

I'm going to put a Paypal Donate button back on the blog and likely My Duck Soup as well as I will be posting the adventure as it rolls along.  Hopefully you will find the journey interesting enough to contribute to keeping it going.  The regulars have already seen how I do with the daily chronicle of everything from cruise ships to kittens.  That will continue as my philosophy from the start has been that everything on the Internet is free but help in bringing it to you would be most appreciated.

(Ed:  I'm guessing you have no money for this.)

Roger that, bro!  (laughs)  I'll land in Italy with about two hundred euros minus whatever a tent costs.


jsmn said...

Camping is not expensive, but not that cheap.

I'll help you with the price list:

Tariffe Giornaliere: price for one day

Persona (person) : june, juli and september: 7 euro, august 8 euro

Tenda a 2 posti (tent for 2 persons): juni, july and september: 5 euro, august: 6 euro

Moto (motorbike/scooter): june and september: 2,30 euro, july 2,50 euro and august 2,70 euro

So that makes for you, your tent and your scooter:
june: 14,30 euro a day
july: 14,50 euro a day
august: 16,70 euro a day

Pretty common price, i think. For Italy.

Alan Fraser said...

Sorry about the response on Twitter. Mostly what I've seen on Twitter were cheap shots so I didn't take it seriously. However, I now see your point and this may push it beyond what is affordable. Thanks for the information.