Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"The Children"

The Black Team says they love the kids
but won't help them when they're sick.
They cut them off without a thought
It's just one more selfish trick.

The White Team stands so lofty,
we're so sad that we failed,
but the only ones who pay the price
are the kids beyond the pale.

The children die in growing numbers
while the leaders have their fun
but there's a thing kids have in common
that they never hurt no-one.

The only men left smiling
are the ones who own the banks,
the ones who build the weapons,
and fill the world with tanks.

The kids all ask for nothing
and that's all they'll ever get.
The leaders stanch their crying
to make it easy to forget.

Goddamn their endless battles,
they've already lost the war.
If they cannot help the children
then the leaders are just whores.

They do their dance for money
That's all that moves their feet
When the poor need their compassion
they'll never leave their seats.

They say they're bringing freedom
but still the children die
Jesus wept in supplication,
God help me, tell me why.

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