Sunday, June 23, 2013

Silas Scarborough Lights it Up at Cat's Art MusikCircus

A beautifully-verdant English countryside is really not complete until it has loud music and gratuitous stage lights and lasers.

I had been thinking of doing a show last night because it will be some while before I can do another one after I tear down my stuff and roll out of here.  I didn't think there was much chance Cat could be there but I figured I would record it and then she would be able to hear it later.  Sometime after I had committed to do it I was feeling pretty lousy as it was late but still damn hot and I was feeling quite drained from it.  But ... by then I knew Cat would be there so this show was definitely going to happen.

And that's when the magic of music kicks into effect as it's impossible feel bad when you play.  Cat was the only one there but I've told her many times that it's so important not to worry about the people who are not there and instead to play for those who are.  So long as Cat is there I will be quite happy playing for an audience of one any old time.

After a while, Sister Julie came too so I can look at the show as only having two people ... or I can look at it as her arrival doubling the size of the audience!

Note:  the size of the audience had nothing to do with any failure in the MusikCircus or the way Cat runs it as I had told her specifically I didn't want her to have to work in the show, just kick back and enjoy the vibe ... so that's what we did!

The first few tunes were obviously for Cat and I knew she would know it even without saying anything.  She likes it when I blow stuff up but she also likes it when I don't so it's always about what the moment tells us it needs.

That went into "Ice Cream Blues" for Sister Julie and it's not just a give-away as time does melt like an ice cream.  The song isn't about lamenting that ice cream melts but rather the thought that it would be pretty good to enjoy that ice cream before it melts!  It's just a simple twelve-bar tune but I don't see anything complicated in eating ice cream as there's no logical reason for doing it other than it being a simple pleasure.

And that was enough soft stuff so onward to "The Necromancer" and to get some explosions happening.

So the show went on for an hour and a half and just like eating ice cream it was a very simple pleasure ... it just takes forty years to learn how to do it!

I couldn't take any pictures of Cat during the show so here's one of her from just after finishing.

It's remarkable how if you're really good at it that an avatar can capture who you really are and she does.  What's more the outfit is one she made herself rather than buying it in a store.  Quite an amazing lady!

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