Thursday, June 6, 2013

Internet is Down More Than It's Up

The situation is tremendously frustrating as it's impossible to get much of anything done.  My focus is entirely on what it will take to pack what I can and roll out of here.  As noted yesterday, there is no Internet if I'm sleeping under a tree in Italy but lately there has been no Internet anyway.

I'm scheduled to play tonight at Cat's Art MusikCircus at 1:00 p.m. SLT / PDT.  Whether the Internet will permit that remains to be seen as it has now been down two nights in a row with no recovery until late the following afternoon.  Regardless of that I will try.  Laralette Lane will be singing at 12:00 p.m. so I should have a pretty good idea of how the Internet is running from attending her show with Cat.  I hope to see you her show and, ideally, at mine as well.

The current review is to whether the hard-shell case for the guitar will strap to the side of the scooter.  My thinking is to use some bungee cords as they're cheap and pretty strong.  My original thought was to sell the case as it's quite a good one and use some of the proceeds to get a soft gig bag I could hang on my back.  It might even work but it's such a flaming pain in the ass to do anything here that I believe I'll try keeping the hard case.

Barring some radical change for the better, this may very well happen in the middle of next week.

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