Friday, June 28, 2013

There's Amateur Crazy and Then There's the Real Thing

There's been quite a bit of amateur and highly-affected crazy in the last few days as any fool can get bad-ass with an avatar but I'm now one wake-up away from the real thing.  I've been called crazy all my life but that doesn't mean I can stop trying and this scoot to England I'm pretty sure qualifies as full-out certifiable.  There are some of you who wouldn't give a euro for the chances I will make it but that makes it all the more delicious!

Cat had a cool idea in that I should contact SVM, manufacturers of the scooter, to tell them what I'm planning on doing.  After they stop laughing, maybe they would be interested in supporting this!

The focus is very much on the ferry ride to Italy just now as that will be fifteen hours at sea!  Thus far in my life, my longest sea voyage was about 19 kilometers going from Tortola to Virgin Gorda.  That was pretty cool as you fly a big jet to Puerto Rico, then take a small plane to Tortola, and then take a boat the rest of the way to Virgin Gorda.  Unless you're filthy rich, that's the only way to get there!  This was back when I actually worked and, if you can, visit there sometime as it's the most gorgeous blue water gorgeosity I've ever seen.

So, that 'sea voyage' was nineteen kilometers but it looks to be about a thousand kilometers from Patras to Brindisi.  I have no idea about seasickness and Cat has strongly advised getting some Dramamine before leaving and taking it before boarding.

In researching it more I've found the passage if you just rent space on the deck is €64 and it's €85 if you have a ticket for a Pullman chair (much like an airline seat).  I assume the deck space means you will throw out a sleeping bag.  I've got one so why not.  I'm quite sure it will be cold as the temperature was really headed for summer a few weeks back but has fallen back quite a bit and it will definitely be colder out on the water.

The general plan is to update here before I leave for Patras and then I will check in again when I get there and before boarding.  I suppose it's possible but I suspect unlikely that the ferry will have WiFi.  By the way, lose the image of the ferries that crossed the Sydney Harbor as these are gigantic!  I'm amazed the traffic could be so enormous for this but they wouldn't have such big ships if it were not.

So, just a bit of rambling prior to departure.  It's highly scary but that's the same as exciting, just looking at it a different way.  Soon!

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Ray said...

Good luck! Dude, you're living life to the fullest. An inspiration to the rest of us. Go for it!