Thursday, June 20, 2013

Glückliche Geburtstag, Riana! Silas Plays a Birthday Party

Riana Magic has been a friend to Cat for years and she has come to be my friend as well so we wanted to do something special for her.  Cat suggested doing a show so, of course, let's play!  Riana has said she is my biggest fan but I'm pretty sure Cat is my biggest fan so we decided Riana must be my tallest fan!

Here's what it looked like from the stage:

It looks kind of sparse out there and that wasn't a surprise as it was a private party because we specifically wanted it to be all about Riana and that's her dancing on the left.  Cat is dancing on the right.  What surprise me was that more people started coming as the show went along and it was pretty cool to see Shady Forsythe as she doesn't usually come to the MusikCircus.  It was also very cool to see Jameela and Michi Renoir.

I wanted it to be more than just guitar playing so I set up the lights and even Cat didn't know I had done that.  The set started out soft and, before starting to play harder, I turned on the lights, hopefully to the delight of the crowd!

Riana dances with Michalles closest to the stage

The text at the top of the picture reads 'May your Heart and Soul always fly free.'  Cat didn't think long in coming up with that and right away she started thinking if she could do it better but I insisted on keeping it as the first thought out of your head is almost always the best one, anything after that is edited and that usually isn't good.  That became our wish for Riana and today it is our wish for everyone.

Cat had surprised me with the outfit and I love it!  So let's get a closer look at that!

It felt very good playing last night as I was much more confident the Internet access would not fail.  Some kind of network miracle happened a couple of days ago and it started working again after weeks of torment.  Things were kind of tentative on Tuesday night as I kept expecting to crash at any moment.  What was also cool last night was the next-door guy wasn't home so I left the doors open as it has got quite hot here (i.e. 30+ or 86F or so).  With the doors open it was quite pleasant.  I will probably do that again tonight as I don't use an amplifier for the guitar and I don't sing loudly so it really shouldn't bother anyone.

After I was through playing, I jumped on the Conga line so we could dance for a while.


From left to right, Shady Forsythe, Jameela, Riana Magic, Cat Boucher, Silas Scarborough

I wish I had better pictures of Cat as her outfit is incredible but there's no way to do that while I'm playing.  The clown outfits are so much fun and Riana looks very elegant in her birthday dress.

Happy Birthday, Riana, from Cat and I!

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