Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Tent Arrives!

Harry must have brought the tent over while I was playing last night as I never saw him and discovered it on the porch this morning.  From this you can see how it works as you take the tent out of there and shake it out to unfold it, no assembly at all.  To me, that is huge tent coolness!

However, that which is a foldable tent also looks like it could be quite an effective airfoil.  I have no idea how I can attach it to the scooter!  When I do figure it out then probably if I take the scooter over 80 kph the airfoil effect will kick in and it will turn into an aircraft!

If you see a scooter flying overhead, please do wave!

Since I will use bungee cords to attach the guitar along the side of the scooter, I'm hoping what will work will be to put the tent between the guitar and the scooter to secure it that way.  That doesn't create any additional hassle as I wouldn't leave the guitar attached to the scooter overnight anyway.  It will be an interesting experiment!

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