Wednesday, February 22, 2017

South Dakota Evolution Education Like a Golden Corral Buffet

Legislators in South Dakota are considering whether to leave it up to the teacher regarding skepticism about evolution.  If you don't like the beef then try the fish and that will suck too but at least you will get something to eat.  (NBC12:  South Dakota bill leaves evolution skepticism up to teachers)

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - South Dakota legislators are weighing whether to let teachers decide how much skepticism to work into lessons on contentious scientific topics such as evolution and climate change.

A House committee on Wednesday is set to consider the measure, which would give legal protection to teachers who want to discuss "in an objective scientific manner the strengths and weaknesses" of the subjects.


The subjects are not contentious and are only made to seem that way by pols and journos with nothing better to do.  The consequence of listening to them is you wind up with that eyesore of embarrassment in Kentucky, Noah's Ark, where soon they will feature dinosaurs with the humans.  They can talk about science all day long; all of it is bloody rubbish but they can do it since they know the listeners probably won't look for themselves.

Evolution was a delicate matter since I picked up the perception somewhere that Lotho's religious beliefs required a strict interpretation of the Bible which meant evolution goes out the window.  Therefore, any discussion of evolution would be potentially contentious on Ithaka and I don't want that; the subject is simply of high interest to me for how did we get to be what we are.

It's since been made more clear Lotho is going with whatever is logical and fair enough.  Anything which doesn't satisfy that much is bloody rubbish from the top.

We can take the patronizing approach to South Dakota.  What difference does it make what they learn about evolution when they will still just end up going to work in the oil fields to be lackeys in an oil war they don't understand.

Ed:  that attitude will just do wonders for kids like Hobo Ahle  (Ithaka:  "Living In A Car - My Story" by Hobo Ahle)

Dat's a fact, Jack.  Some of those kids will wind up in the oil fields but some of them won't and those ones need a better foundation than comes from a sketchy opinion on evolution.  It's not the opinion of science and there's no need to flog it since you know it already.

That the matter keeps coming up over and over is a national embarrassment.  You know it's not true and yet America is getting pushed around by some fundamentalists who refuse to accept the truth of anything except the Bible.  They're a hard minority so the wonder is how they get away with it.

In part fundamentalists get away with it because of sniveling sleazoids like Ted Cruz who are so desperate for votes that they suck up to them.  If you take away the Brylcreem from that bitch there won't be anything left but the shoes.

Maybe that's all it takes to keep this going, a few asshat Republicans who live in a constant state of suck.  There are good Republicans (e.g. Robert Dole) but those numb nuts asshats don't qualify.

I haven't seen a Golden Corral buffet restaurant in years but the mark of the places is in how many Old Fuckers you see in them (i.e. many).  You can get a lot of relatively good chow for cheap.  Not bad.  Fortunately, they don't serve evolution although there's probably no way to avoid politics since Old Fuckers love to talk about politics.

Ed:  or who has croaked recently.  They constantly go on about who died lately.

There you go, politics and dead people.  If you can go one better than those topics, you will be the master of scintillating conversation with the seniors.

So, yeah, I guess I'll go with the fish today.


Anonymous said...

You are even close on my religious beliefs. Which is unusual since I have discussed with you my beliefs on evolution.
So instead of listing your perceptions of my beliefs just leave them out of your blog.
It gets very old reading in your blog what you decide I believe or your perception of what I believe.
As it is almost always wrong. You use what you want to support your rant of the moment wether it is factual or not

Peas InOurThyme said...

That was the perception of it from the last time we wrote of it and I'm surprised there is offense now when the object is to avoid it rather than create more of it. I'm not even sure where I went wrong since it seemed clear the last time you didn't support fundamentalism but now I don't know at all.

Anonymous said...

I have never supported fundamentalist values. But you tell me what I think alot.
Obviously you never listened or really read my comments

Anonymous said...

I'm very shocked to see the posting from todays The View. I dont generally watch it, but it was on in the background as I was busy with a chore and had'nt switched channels. So you're a "closet Viewer"?

I used to think Whoopie was really smart and funny...not so much any more. I think she should have stuck with comedy and left politics alone. Seems she is focused on putting Trump down, and that gets real old. I guess she's trying to take Michelle Wallace's place since she left the show... I don't think she's (Whoopie) all that smart or funny either. She should have made good on her promise to leave the country if Trump was elected...and never to be heard from again! That's my opinion.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Actually I do listen or I would blow past fundamentalism altogether. I said I had the impression at one time you believed it but, after writing about it, I haven't had that impression for a while. The impression is what was wrong and talking about it in comments is what corrected it.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Someone posted that clip from The View so I watched. I really do treasure my silence and to go from that to The View must be like going from Mayberry to a war zone. All that arguing makes my teeth itch!

I've loved Whoopi ever since her first HBO special and she played some surfer girl who had an abortion. The genius of her insights in that is forever with me.

We're in the Post-Election Rot now and it's the same as voting for Obama and then seeing him doing this or that while thinking wtf are you doing. I didn't vote for this. Trump's doing some incredibly dumb things so I imagine there will be quite a bit of comedy. It's the yahoos going on about impeachment who get me annoyed since Dems are doing the same things they would bitch out Repubs for doing.

Anonymous said...

Whoopi like most of the Hollywood blowhard are supposed to be living in another country now. But like most politicians they never keep thier promises.
If you knew that your impression of my belief in fundamentalism was incorrect.
Why would that incorrect perception be relevant at all?

Peas InOurThyme said...

The purpose in saying that was for the point that talking had corrected the misconception and I do think that's important when quite a bit of upset from Ithaka has come from misunderstandings.

It really isn't my purpose to start fights with anyone and clarity is probably most important of all.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I really don't know what Whoopi Goldberg did which is so terrible but most conservatives don't seem to have much use for her. It's unfortunate since that first HBO special she did was pure comedy genius. I seriously doubt you would ever mind a more eloquent statement on abortion than came from her when she played surfer girl who just gone one. Some of y'all think she should live out her life eating rats but I see a genius in her with exceptional sensitivity.

In fact, I'll try to find that set. This was to comedy a similar thing to when Streisand went on "The Tonight Show" when all the world went, holy mackerel, who the hell is this??

Anonymous said...

I dont see how you don't intend to start fights. The name calling if anyone who does not agree with you is never ending.
If someone is not a left wing fanatic that wants socialism you have a never ending supply of derogatory terms for them .

Peas InOurThyme said...

I take it 'left wing fanatic' is not derogatory (larfs)

Anonymous said...

I dont see it as a derogatory term just descriptive. Fanatic used as a level of commitment to one's belief. I am sure that any dictionary would not give it a negative or postive connotation. Just a level

Peas InOurThyme said...

I know what it means but people still get bent over the use of it. Call someone a fundamentalist fanatic and you're not likely to get a good reaction.

Lately it seems in vogue to call that 'triggering,' when you say something which gets someone inflamed online. Lotta fanatics online (larfs).