Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Singing Up a Storm at Cat's Art MusikCircus

James Corachea is fresh back from the Second Life London Jam and he returned to perform last night at Cat's Art MusikCircus.

Rather than telling you what James Corachea sounds like, here's a video clip from the London Jam so you can see and hear him for yourself:

So you see he is not striking a pose with his avatar to pretend to be something he's not and he has quite an extraordinary technique for playing.  You can see more videos of James from a YouTube Playlist on his Artist Profile on the Cat's Art MusikCircus Web site.

James Corachea started out fairly soft last night but this didn't go on for long and he started playing more aggressively as his set moved along.  There's nothing wrong with playing soft and it sounded beautiful but that's not all he does.

And then he started singing!

Neither Cat nor I had heard James singing before and I crashed just before he started.  Cat sent me a Skype message that I've got to come back to hear this but she couldn't see that I was pushing buttons over and over waiting to reconnect so I could come back.  Fortunately I wasn't cut off for too long and I got back in time to hear most of the song and he delivered it beautifully.  I've said many times that I love it when musicians are experimenting so hearing James pushing out into vocals is a wonderful thing and it would be fantastic to hear more of this.

lefty Unplugged is a great admirer of James' work and he arrived to hear the last part of the set.

I'm not really sure what happened that we had Baby Face lefty last night!  He left last week looking like lefty and he has been reborn young and beautiful.  But I just ask one thing, don't get a Justin Bieber wig!

lefty Unplugged has been playing mostly acoustic lately or perhaps it is an electric guitar that is sounding acoustic but it's a beautiful sound either way.  As with James, lefty started out fairly soft and Cat and I said something mushy in public chat.  Usually we don't do that too much and lefty spotted it then remarked that it looks like there's a lovefest going on out there.  That's when he decided what was needed was lovefest music and he went into a series of songs about the phases of love.

The lovefest music started out highly romantic and then got dark and cynical.  He sang of the phase in which a partner gets paranoid and starts asking, where were you, who were you with, etc, etc.  You only hear those questions on a hellbound train but, even so, he delivers the message beautifully.  He sang also about people really not being well-suited to monogamy and I dispute that but still there's ample evidence to show many are not and his song about that was also beautifully done.  That a song has a dark message doesn't mean it has to be full of discord or be ugly in some way.

While the messages were dark, this didn't throw the audience into fits of depression as the songs are also beautiful.  innie Horngold listened from the high-wire and do note she was wearing high heel shoes.  It's not just anyone who can walk a high wire with those!

lefty was a bit apologetic about his darkness and he didn't want to leave everyone with that vibe so he ended his set with what he called an 'uppie.'  That was beautifully done and the perfect way to wrap the set as of course there is Love and then there's everything else.  It's your choice to screw it up or not but you have that choice ... don't screw it up!

Kevin Farrell aka lefty Unplugged will be playing a real-life concert on June 20th at Lord C (whatever that may be!) and I would dearly love to be there.  Perhaps in time that possibility will come but not in time for this week-end.  Break a leg, Kevin!

Of course Cat and I danced, it was a lovefest!

The image Cat put behind the stage says it all:

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