Monday, June 10, 2013

Fishing at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee

For his annual vacation party at Dale Hollow Lake, TN, my brother would ensure there were beer cases stacked four or five feet tall and ten or fifteen feet long.  A good many people were drinking it and in a week or so it was all gone.  There is no fishing without beer.

He had a pretty cool boat for water skiing and it didn't break down in the lake every time he took it out, not every time.  But that's the advantage of knowing what you're doing with motors, when your boat breaks down in the middle of the lake you can fix it.

But this isn't about fixing boats, rather it is about night fishing.  Alcohol might have been involved in this venture but, unlike with other fishermen, this did not attract any fish and there was a growing frustration as to why no-one was catching anything.

My brother saw an immediate way to solve the problem as he kept a waterproof flashlight on the boat.  This gave him the inspiration for his solution:  if the fish would not come to him then he would go to the fish.  Over the side he went with the flashlight blazing in one hand.

We could see him down there by following the beam of the flashlight.  He stayed down there a remarkably long time but we knew he was ok because we could see the flashlight beam moving.

Eventually he re-surfaced but, alas, he still did not have any fish.

Sometime later my brother turned into a Republican.  We don't know for sure but perhaps the oxygen deprivation from this method of fishing did it.  The moral of the story is not that you should stop drinking beer when you are fishing - perish that thought - but rather take care of your friends and relatives by taking the batteries out of the flashlight.


Anonymous said...

Man. I thought intelligence created Republicans. Either that or money.

Because Republicans seem to have both.

And Democrats just have heart

Alan Fraser said...

I suspect there are a great many opinions as to what creates the members of each Party!