Monday, June 10, 2013

"The Dark"

Everything evaporates
right before my eyes
there's no way to find the truth
and separate the lies.
I ask what of all is real
as colors fade to black and white
but there isn't any answer
as I slowly lose my sight.
How comes the endless torment
and what has made it start
every time the sun starts shining
I want to take it all to heart.
But soon the sun will set again
and will go without a trace
it disappears so easily
and I lose its gloried face.
In the night it seems
it won't come again
the tenderness and joy
and through those dry-eyed hours
I'm just a little boy.
Lost, alone, in endless dark
in empty rooms and empty heart
where is the light they talk about
and what will ever make it start.

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