Thursday, June 20, 2013

Griefers, Goobers and Grape Nuts

Laralette Lane's set went really great and she has a bit of a cold so she wasn't sure she could pull it off but you couldn't tell it from her singing as it was beautiful.  She has a very sweet spirit and it comes through in all her songs.

Things didn't go quite so well for my set as the turnover was smooth and I was ready to play on the stage ... but that's when the griefers showed up.  There's no point in giving these goobers any attention as they're the same as with Jehovah's Witnesses:  they thrive on abuse and figure it's the fastest way to Heaven.  How grape nuts apply to griefers I leave to your vivid imagination.  I won't name them as griefers are a dime a dozen in Second Life.

I couldn't eject / ban them as Cat had already been blown out by a lightning storm but I was able to contact her friend and she took care of them.  What was strange was she said she didn't do anything.  Nevertheless the griefers were gone.

By that time I was hot and flustered but they say the show must go on and so it did.  I extracted the first thing I played from the archive of the show and that's now on the podcast.  I called it "Guitar Chaos" at the time but I believe I'll call it "Griefers, Goobers and Grape Nuts" instead!  I had planned on making up something up-tempo for Cat and I'm sure the griefers added some juice to it as well.

What was very, very cool was that people stayed through all the hassles.  Zoe, I'm sorry I didn't get your last name and thanks again for helping me get back into the circus each time those ridiculous griefers bounced me around and thanks also for staying for the show!  Riana stayed as well with Michalles and I'm sorry I didn't get more names but I was a wee bit scrambled (laughs).

You can hear "Griefers, Goobers and Grape Nuts" on the Ride the Dragon podcast now and of course it's still free!

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