Friday, June 14, 2013

"Let's Go to the Beach"

I was trying to find a chord
and was looking for a word
to tell the story
of what it's like living.

But then my friend came by
and said would you like to try
I've got an idea
that you might like.

He said everything's in flames
and the Germans are to blame
or maybe it's all
the damn government.

But that don't fret me none
as I really dig the sun
and, hey,
would you like to go swimming.

I said just leave me alone
I'll make it on my own
or else
I'll just die trying.

There's no passion in the sand
it's just a place to land
when you think you have
all the answers

You talk about the sun
but how about that Golden Dawn
now the fascists
have come home

Don't talk of NAZI drones
as you made these on your own
and they all
act just the same

I don't need to see the sun
as this one's got a gun
and it's pointed
straight at me.

It's just like with the Yanks
blame the others for the pranks
and we're all
vestal virgins

It's all a fool's parade
just a hot sun-baked charade
but, hey,
let's go to the beach.

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