Thursday, June 20, 2013

Silas Scarborough - Live at Cat's Art MusikCircus at 1:00 pm - Updated

Update!  The times on the shows were wrong and have been corrected

This will be the third show in three days and I haven't done that in years but I love doing it.  The show will start at 1:00 pm SLT / PDT.

Laralette Lane will give the first show at 12:00 pm and hearing her sing is always a treat.  She doesn't do the same old covers but rather she performs a fascinating variety and she obviously has fun with her shows as she also brings a beautiful laugh.  She is back now in Holland after performing at the Second Life London Jam and this will be a lovely way to start the evening.

It suddenly got exceptionally hot here and the sun is ferocious as there are no clouds.  Fortunately there is always a nice wind blowing so opening the front and back doors keeps the air moving.

On with the show!

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