Friday, June 7, 2013

Silas Scarborough Live in Avination

Avination is one of the most well-developed of the alternative grids one may choose rather than Second Life.  Using it doesn't mean giving up anything in Second Life as you can easily use both.  To get an account on Avination, visit their Web site and sign up.

Silas Scarborough will be playing in Avination on Saturday at 1:00 pm PDT which is 3:00 pm CDT or 11:00 pm EET (Eastern European Time ... me).

Today Cat suggested going into an Avination for a stream test and this was an excellent idea.  After the bumpiness of Internet access this week I've been thinking it would be 50/50 whether the gig would even work.  So we tried it and there were no problems.  No cuts in the audio, no crashes, nothing but goodness.

You can see it was a full-out test of the guitar, animations, stream, the whole kit.  The only odd thing was I wore a hat when I started but it was gone when I stopped.  I believe I will be able to live with that, tho!

The show won't be hard to find when you get into Avination as the stage is connected to the Welcome Area.  Turn right and walk a few meters and there it happens.  They say Alexander wept because there were no new worlds to conquer but there are loads of them in virtual reality and I don't know about conquering anything but it will be grand to play there.  I hope to see you at the show!

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