Saturday, June 8, 2013

Regarding the Donate Button

Any contributions to the Search for Ithaka will be most appreciated and will help me keep doing what I have been doing already.  It's not a promise of some nebulous thing to happen in the future but rather a continuation of what I do now.  If I will keep doing what I do anyway then there may not seem any point in contributing to it but I live on a very small pension and it's not enough to survive.

Why should you contribute to my intention to go gallivanting about Europe?

Because I will write about it and will bring you pictures as it rolls.  Everything I do in writing, photography and music has been free and will remain free.  I consider this my art and the surest way to compromise it is to try to sell it.

Go where?

The objective is to leave Greece by ferry via Patra and that will take me to Brindisi, Italy, for about sixty-five euros.  From there I will ride to Catania and Mount Etna.  Perhaps everything gets swept up in molten lava there ... or the next step will be to roll north to the United Kingdom through France.  The objective is to register in the NHS for health insurance as I'm a UK citizen.

From southern England I will ride to Edinburgh where I was born.  I was three months old when my parents left for Australia so I have no idea what it looks like, feels like, anything of that nature.  It may be a bit trite to go looking for roots but why not and it should make an interesting story.

From there I will head back south again to go to Germany.  I see a tremendous spirituality and social consciousness in Germany.  There is also radical art as there's no artistic rule they aren't willing to break.  Part of this will include visiting one of the concentration camps as I see this as a required pilgrimage.

As I ride I will upload pictures, videos, blog articles, etc from any WiFi hotspots along the way.

My scooter will go about twenty kilometers on a litre of fuel so it's tough to get much more economical than that and I will find a tent / sleeping bag before leaving so I can stay at camp sites.  I'm not looking for support for flashy hotels or wine drunks in resort bars.

What about Cat?

Obviously I love her but anything more than that is not public information and wouldn't be on the blog anyway.

Did you run out of Bibi's money?

Bibi and her claims of support didn't have anything to do with getting here.  Sundance and Andrea helped me get here and the proceeds from selling my truck are what have been financing it.  Most of that went to the dentist.

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