Monday, June 10, 2013

Edward Snowden Day

While I've been protesting the over-reach by the government and its support from both political parties, Edward Snowden stood up, despite great risk to himself, and did something about it.  (CNN:  Called a defector, NSA leaker defends his decision)

Not surprisingly, the politicians are furious as they have kept this entire business as secret as possible and now it's in front of the public.  It never would have been revealed if not for Snowden and there's some high comedy in this as the conservatives won't know what to do with it.  They've been having a grand time assailing Obama and Edward Snowden's leak of this information has done tremendous damage to him ... but it is also a project that George Bush initiated.

The problem for the Democrats is similar as it's difficult to continue portraying Obama as a saint when he has actively pushed the NSA initiatives forward and has vigorously defended them.  The leak embarrasses Bush but, in trashing him, Obama goes down as well and, by the way, good-bye Hillary for the 2016 White House.

When I charge people with statist behavior it is in the context of making states out of the political parties and making it a holy mission to destroy the other states.  In so doing, they lose all sight of what the actual state is doing and the NSA runs out of control.  In their religious fervor to defend the Constitution, they have allowed the NSA to walk all over the Fourth Amendment and they have yet to get the faintest grip on the fact that both parties are doing it and politics are irrelevant.

In my view, Edward Snowden is a hero of the free world and hopefully his act will awaken people to the need to bring the government back under control.  He's a brave man as he knew the price he would pay and he did it anyway.

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