Friday, June 21, 2013

Laralette's Lane's Laugh Lights Up the MusikCircus

Laralette Lane has a very sweet laugh and you will hear it a lot in her shows.  The laugh also comes with a lovely singing voice so her shows are always a pleasure.

Ordinarily I will zoom in for the Hollywood close-up but Cat made a beautiful stage that suited Laralette perfectly and here you see it.

Her name is Laralette but everyone calls her Lara and she was quite concerned before she started that a cold she had developed would prevent her from playing the whole show.  She just got back from the Second Life London Jam where she had been performing so I suppose she must have caught the cold over there.  Watch out for the fish and chips!

You would never have guessed Lara had a cold once she started singing.  She has a beautiful voice and that combined with her cheerful attitude creates a lovely presence that was drawing more and more people as her show went along.  Mostly she sings cover songs in her performance and that usually won't go well at Cat's Art MusikCircus but Lara adds her own touch to them that makes them special.  There's no predicting which ones she will choose as some are English, some Dutch, and some German.

You can learn much more about Lara in her Artist Profile at the Cat's Art MusikCircus Web site than you can from me writing about her and it includes videos of her on YouTube.

And Cat and I danced ... until she got taken out by an electrical storm

I played after Lara and I don't have anything more to say about it that I didn't write already (Griefers, Goobers and Grape Nuts) but I have uploaded some more tunes from the set.  You can hear them now on the Ride the Dragon podcast.

Direct links:

"I Love Rats" - This was the second tune and I was still annoyed.

"Bombs Away" - This was after the set had been rolling for a while.

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